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Casino Night Aboard the Delta King
Join Us for an evening of 1850s gambling, dancing and more aboard the Delta King.

Friday, June 5th, 2009
6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

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     Free admission to volunteer dancers! Support a great cause! We are seeking volunteer dancers familiar with 19th century dances. A simple foundation in waltz and polka works. Other possible dances include the mazurka, schottische, Petaluma Waltz and hambo. You must have your own costuming for either day or evening wear for a character of any background during the Gold Rush ranging from gamblers and merchants to miners and common travelers. You must be 21 years old with ID to attend. This is great practice for the Lyceum and Gold Rush Days.

To volunteer, contact us through our feedback page.

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The Band:
The band is Ido Adobe from Red Bluff. They are have a strong banjo sound an present an excellent flavor of the era. They have a fair amount of waltzes and polkas on their playlist.

The Dancers' Task:
We would like dancers to be available to dance amongst themselves around 6:00 p.m. as people come aboard for a lively welcome. Throughout the evening, we strongly encourage you to occasionally share your dances from time to time with the patrons as we serve an interactive purpose in our efforts to provide a sampling of 19th century social activities. You are welcome to stroll about as it is not necessary to dance continuously.

Dance Floor:
Please note, the dance floor area will be smaller than an average ballroom competition space, but it is a formal dance floor that will be comfortable to the feet. The dance floor is the aft one, not the one on the lower deck, so the ceiling is plenty high and there are no braces or interfering beams at that location.

The Sacramento Ballroom Society will submit a gate list with all volunteers' names to the event coordinators posted at the entrance. Walk down into the docks and follow the gangway into the main entrance. If you have signed up for this event, you will receive a reminder email prior to the event. This will be your copy of confirmation for your gate listing. Any specific details about activities or check-in regarding an event would be included as well.

The time frame is the California Gold Rush of the 1850s, though anything within the span of 1840s-1860s is fine. Day or evening wear for any character of the era. You must provide your own costume. If you need help costuming, contact us through the feedback page.

1000 Front St.
Old Sacramento, CA

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